The stage, an inhospitable place, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 05.08.1996

The stage, an inhospitable place.

"Neodanza" from Venezuela shows "18 minutos por 2 1/2 tiempos'bolo" at Mousonturm
Where once there was only free expression, should be shaped. Where only is still form, the effect is missing. In the intricate connection between the two, it seems, is for the dance at the time the particular challenge. The Slovenian Iztoc Kovac, in its scenic arrangements and body images reflected the experiences of an entire industry landscape, or the New York-based Israeli Amiel Malalé, who with his play of differences elicits the postmodern minimalism the traumatically-compulsive memory of the Holocaust - the echo social experience penetrates again amplified from the resonant cavity of the dance in the public laboratories.

The Venezuelan company Neodanza can belong to this group of artists who have indeed learned the lessons of dance abstraction, where the pure form as a means of expression but is no longer anything. Economical and limited in the language of movement, which per se does not get beyond a replaceable, always same sequence of tension and relaxation, traps and upright, the movements gain only in the friction with the stage objects their autonomy and fascination. Where the constantly quickly and cheaply produced by wild shake of the head and flying hair effect of aggressiveness fizzles soon, the actual weight of the piece lies in the formulation of a collective experience that goes far beyond the horizons subjective feelings.

For the Cuban choreographer and dancer Alexey Taran, the early nineties, Cuba and the Cuban National Ballet left in order to join the company Neodanza headed by Ines Rojas in 1992 in Venezuela, the combination of anonymous violence and pleasure is central to the work. Inspired by the writings of Georges Bataille's designs Taran in "18 minutos por 2 1/2 tiempos'bolo", with whom he won the choreographer competition in Bagnolet and that was now to be seen in Mousonturm, an oppressive nightmare scenario, in which the three dancers and the a dancer (Taran himself) has taken all forms of individuality. If you do not cover up the hair the face, clears a white stocking similar mask of their physiognomy.

At the beginning they sit with their backs to the audience on a row of chairs on the ramp. Their heads fall down limply, as if they were about to fall asleep. Alarmed by hammering Industrial music, to which later joined by a few swelling violins, they begin in a four-ship formation chorea with iron chairs, their arms and back can be folded out. Sandwiched as an instrument of torture, their bodies lay around the metal, as by flashes of electric shocks to an electric chair, stretch out all fours. Taran leads the group mostly in formation and interrupts this rigor sometimes only by a solo or duo that enjoys himself in a water-filled bathtub. Trapped in variable light rectangles that migrate during the evening on the stage and restrict the activities of the dancers again, they rely on sticks, the slip again and bring them down. Hooked into each other, the sticks are then into a kind of bondage that makes their own motion of a comparison depend. A ballerina shirtless tried to stand on top. But it breaks again and again and finally moving with bent legs like a spider on the floor. The nature of the subject matter is so the movement in each case the form. Energy is produced by friction, the lust of the dancers breaks track on the objects.

"18 minutos" shows the fundamental dependence of man on (abstract) powers and (concrete) objects. The 60-minute long piece that was created with the help of German co-producers such as the Mousonturm and the Kampnagelfabrik in Hamburg, developed both a psychological and a political dimension that constantly rouses associations with arrests, imprisonment and torture in the Latin and South American dictatorships while watching , In pale neon light dipped, the stage is an inhospitable place. Cold the wind whistles through the ghostly scenario. Plastic hoses, the unmotivated hanging from the ceiling, water runs down to the exhausted dancers. GERALD Siegmund Caption: The individuality is lost: "Neodanza" for her appearance in Frankfurt Photo Karin Schander


TRIBE Teaser #2

TRIBE a new piece of Bistoury Physical Theater. Teaser #2

Directed by: Alexey Taran, Film Directed by: Carla Forte 

More coming soon!!!


Making the Teaser Trailer # 1 for TRIBE

Making the Teaser Trailer # 1 for TRIBE

TRIBE is Commissioned by Miami-Dade County Auditorium’s ON.STAGE Black Box.
TRIBE is made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners."
Supported by:
Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs
O Cinema
Miami Light Project
Miami Theater Center
2015 Dance Miami Choreographers' Program
American Dance Abroad
Artistic Residence, Dance-tech AIR Artistic Residence, Dance-tech AIR @ Lake Studios Berlin, Germany
Avila Bistro

Carla Forte and Alexey Taran @ Dance Tech AIR Residency Program - Lake Studios Berlin


Unfinished Fridays VOL 9 on November 21 with Alexey Taran Carla Forte (dance tech AIR residents), Sascha Pavic, Ilana Reynolds and a new work by Sylvana Seddig @ Lake Studios Berlin

dance-techAIR @ Lake Studios Berlin

Dance-tech artist in residency in Berlin offers to international interdisciplinary movement and media artists the possibility to live and make art in a peaceful artist run working, living and performance space in Berlin, Germany. The artists will enjoy the recently opened Lake Studios Berlin, a unique living and creative working space with fast connection into the exciting creative center of Berlin and with the advantage of the quiet beauty of Mueggelsee lake and a forest at only 5 minute walk for depth concentration on research, creative process and swim in summer months. The resident artist will enjoy a private apartment and access to a dance space with sprung wooden floors. Lake Studios Berlin is primarily a working space for 8 diverse movement artists with the need to go deeper into their work and practice. It is an experience of collaborative living and creation, and the resident will have the opportunity of artistic exchange as well as access to inside information about the dance scene in Berlin.


INTERRUPTA @ 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo : « For a free circulation of bodies and desires »

INTERRUPTA dance video directed by Carla Forte selected for 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo : « For a free circulation of bodies and desires ».

The 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2014 will take place in Marseille (Friche La Belle de Mai, Espace Culture, ADPEI, Vidéodrome 2), with, like every year, an extension in Milan (Italy) at the [.BOX] Gallery and on the video art web TV.




"INTERRUPTA" Directed by Carla Forte Official Selection POOL 14 – INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform BERLIN, a Bistoury Inc. Production.http://www.pool-festival.de/



IMAGINARIUM (Short Film), Directed by Carla Forte and Alexey Taran
Official Selection 2014 Leiden International Short Film Experience, Netherlands.





ScreenDance Miami is a new Tigertail project. It highlights Miami-based choreographers, movers and filmmakers who are working with emerging and new concepts in regard to movement and dance on film and dance on camera. 

More info: http://www.tigertail.org/event_screendance.html

Dance on Film Festival
JANUARY 25, 2014 - 8PM
Location: Inkub8, 2021 NW 1st Place, Miami

INTERRUPTA (Short Film Trailer) from Bistoury Physical Theatre on Vimeo.


S.A.V.E. (Silent Animal Voices Euthanized)

(Silent Animal Voices Euthanized)

December 22
2PM - 4PM
Miami-Dade County - Animal Services
7401 NW 74 Street 
Miami, Florida 33166

The documentary feature “S.A.V.E.” exposes the reality of the treatment of animals. Over 27,000 pets are brought to Miami-Dade County - Animal Services each year, and sadly, there are not nearly enough homes for all of them. The documentary also seeks to investigate why there are so many animals and what we can do to help solve the issue.

Our hope is to promote desperately needed change by raising awareness around responsible pet ownership, promote adoption, and improve the living conditions of animals presently in Miami Dade County Animal Services. 

Education and awareness are the basis for change.

Hatchfund Online Campaign: To donate or learn more about the documentary check the links below. All donations are tax-deductible.

A Bistoury Inc. Production
Directed by: Carla Forte
Produced by: Alexey Taran

With the support of the "Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners." 
“Miami World Cinema Center”

More Info:
(305) 905-1275


“S.A.V.E.” (Silent Animal Voice Euthanized) Hatchfund Online Campaign

Help Support BISTOURY Physical Theatre and Film Next Documentary Feature!

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BISTOURY Physical Theatre and Film’s latest Documentary Feature, “S.A.V.E.” (Silent Animal Voice Euthanized): The documentary exposes the reality of the treatment of animals. Over 27,000 pets are brought to Miami-Dade County Animal Services each year, and sadly, there are not nearly enough homes for all of them. The documentary also seeks to investigate why there are so many animals and what we can do to help solve the issue.

In order to complete this project, we are seeking your help to raise the funds required, which will go toward the development and post-production phase of the project.

We are mounting an online campaign from now until January 13th through the online giving site Hatchfund to raise funds for the work.

Your funds will go directly toward the post-production of “S.A.V.E.”, to support this project, please click the link below. If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact usall donations are tax-deductible.


“S.A.V.E.” (Silent Animal Voice Euthanized) from Bistoury Physical Theatre on Vimeo.



GESTUS Performance by BISTOURY at Miami Performance International Festival '13

Edge Zones Saturday June 2, 3900 N. Miami Ave. Miami FL, 33137. 

More Info: http://www.miamiperformancefestival.org/The_Festival_13.html 

INTERRUPTA @ 21st Quinzena de Dança de Almada – Contemporary Dance Festival 2013

INTERRUPTA a Dance Film Directed by Carla Forte a BISTOURY Production, created for Dance Made to Order, selected to participate in the 21st Quinzena de Dança de Almada – Contemporary Dance Festival 2013.

INTERRUPTA (Short Film Trailer) from Bistoury Physical Theatre on Vimeo.


“IMAGINARIUM” a short film selected by "Cannes Court Métrage, Short Film Corner, FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2013”

The short film “IMAGINARIUM” a story subtracted from our current performance “IMAGINARIUM Life” directed by Carla Forte and Alexey Taran, has ben selected by the "Cannes Court Métrage, Short Film Corner, FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2013”. This short film reunite the essence of our “IMAGINARIUM Life” multi-media performance piece journey.


"IMAGINARIUM Life" @ Miami Beach Cinematheque


A Dance Theatre and Film Fusion Performed Live!

March 15 - 16 - 17, 2013
9:00 -10:30 PM

Miami Beach Cinematheque at Historic City Hall 
1130 Washington Ave
Miami Beach 33139

"IMAGINARIUM life" is a visual experiment where dance theatre and film fuse to shed light onto a dark world of desires and disorder. It is translated by a new form of communication and language through body gestures, serving as an escape from the established social order. It is a creative experience fusing and integrating contemporary dance theatre and film, narrating the story of Ana and Ruben, who have decided to abandon his tormented life by taking refuge within their own imagination, which distances them from all material and emotional attachment, thus exorcizing his ego.


Based on the screenplay "Imagimundo" written by Carla Forte.
Produced by: Bistoury Inc., 
Directed by: Alexey Taran
Choreography: Alexey Taran and Carla Forte
Lighting Design: A. Puig
Visual Artist: Vicente Forte

Film Credits: Directed and Produced by: Carla Forte and Alexey Taran
Cinematographer and Editor: Alexey Taran
Composer: Frank Wow
Anti-Poems "The exorcisms of Ego" by: Vicente Forte
Subtitles: Carlos Ortiz
Cast: Ana: Carla Forte, Rubén: Alexey Taran

Project Supporters:
"With the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners."
USA Project
Artist2Artist Fund
The inkub8 (open-studio) Residency Program
Commissioned by Miami Theater Center as part of the SandBox Series 2012-2013

Tickets: www.mbcinema.com 
Adult (Non-member) $17.00 (USD)
MBC Member $15 (USD)
Student or Senior $16.00 (USD)


"Imaginarium Life" review by NEIL DE LA FLOR @ Artburst Miami

Imaginarium: An Astonishing Look At Life On Stage

BY  |  Artburst Miami

Imaginarium Life is a complex multi-media performance piece created by the brilliant dark angels at Bistoury Physical Theatre, Alexey Taran and Carla Forte. The performance documents — through dance theater, sound and gorgeous cinematography — the spiraling, chaotic world of an artist whose obsession with himself and his own imaginary world of self-inflicted wounds destroys him and the person he loves. Sounds tragic, yes, but the unregulated, self-centered ego focused only on detachment instead of human connection is a recipe for disaster. This all-too-human failing demands attention. Taran and Forte focus our eyes and egos on this failing in this exquisitely eerie performance.

Ruben, the artist, played by Taran, suffers greatly. In fact, he deifies suffering at the cost of his own well-being. But why? He seeks happiness and freedom, which are reasonable goals. We all deserve these things, but he tries to achieve those goals through radical isolation and detachment — an often misunderstood Buddhist notion. What we don’t realize at first is the suffering that his wife, Ana, played by Forte, experiences throughout this piece. As Ruben tries to retreat into his imaginary world to escape the demons on his back (who are always on his back no matter what world he steps into), Ana supplies the structure to keep her husband afloat in la la land. She enables. She encourages. She feeds. She loves him, but love sometimes leads us to betray our own self-interest that will inevitably come back to haunt us (and Ana) in the end.
“You dream too much: does it hurt?” is one of the first lines to create a lightening bolt. In the imaginary world there’s supposed to be no pain, no suffering, no hurt; just happiness, joy and freedom — at least in theory. This line made me question what isImaginarium Life. Is it an imaginary world free from sin and sorrow? Shame and suffering? Despair and desolation? Or is Imaginarium Life just life as it is simply renamed to give us (or Ruben) the false impression that we can create new worlds out of nothing when we are in fact powerless to do so.
“To be able to live: first kill the self.” I know what Ruben feels. Sometimes the only way to save ourselves is to destroy the absurd notion of the self that we’ve created because we feel like we’re not good enough, smart enough, cute enough, creative enough or fill-in-the-blank enough. This broken self, this powerful and intoxicating thing, becomes so big and damaged that it sublimates our authentic self to our manufactured self.