S.A.V.E. is a documentary that will investigate how different societies face and deal with the issue of homeless dogs and cats around the world according to their cultures and political views.

Everyday millions of dogs and cats face the obstacle of being able to survive another day and have another chance at life. Neglect, abuse, the fur trade industry and euthanasia are just some of the factors affecting animals in different societies throughout the world today.

The main objective of this project/documentary is to create a collective conscience when it comes to giving these animals the treatment and quality of life that they truly deserve; featuring the dedication and laborious work of small rescue groups as well as caring individuals who work so hard on a daily basis to create a better world for the animals.

The goal is to create awareness of the hardships these animals endure every day of their lives and to transform the way some societies currently function - to fuel the public's conscience reminding them that as humans, we owe these animals respect and to offer them the protection they need.

Directed by: Carla Forte

Producers: Carla Forte, Alexey Taran

Produced by: ERE. Bistoury

Executive Producer: Miami World Cinema Center

Collaborators: Yisell Hernandez, Maritza Sillie, Randy Valdes, GEARstudioMiami, Miami-Dade County Film and Entertainment Office, Miami-Dade County - Animal Services.