IMAGINARIUM Life is a visual experiment where dance theatre and film fuse to shed light onto a dark world of desires and disorder translated by a new form of communication and language through body gestures, serving as an escape from the established social order. A creative experience fusing and integrating contemporary dance theatre and film, narrating the story of Ana and Ruben, who have decided to abandon his tormented life by taking refuge within their own imagination, which distances their from all material and emotional attachment, thus exorcizing his ego.

“Imaginarium Life,” opens Thursday Dec. 6 and runs Fridays and Saturdays from Dec. 7-22 at 8 p.m. at the SanBox, Miami Theater Center.

“I want more freedom.” “I want to be happy.” “I want to live free from pain and sorrow.” “I want to be free to do what I want to do.” Happiness and freedom have become these dual-driving forces that seem inextricably linked to our egos that no one seems to know anything about except that they want it, more of it and they want it now. Taran and Forte try to figure this out for us and I’m happy for that.

By Neil de la Flor (KnightArts Blog) Dec 3 2012


Fundraising for IMAGINARIUM Life a performance merging Dance, Theatre and Film.

IMAGINARIUM Life is a performance fusing and integrating Contemporary Dance Theatre and Film, narrating the story of Ana and Ruben, who have decided to abandon his tormented life by taking refuge within their own imagination, which distances their from all material and emotional attachment, thus exorcizing his ego.

We are asking for $7,000 to fund this project. Your donations will go toward our production costs and total budget which include paying performers, designers, musicians and video production costs. Note: we must reach our minimum goal by our deadline in order to receive any funds.This project cannot be realized without your generous donations. Please consider a donation to IMAGINARIUM Life and considering a tax-deductible donation. Thank you for supporting this work and our first ever web campaign trough the USA Projects Program created by United State Artist (USA)! 

Check out the USA Projects Program page for IMAGINARIUM Life and make your donation today! http://www.usaprojects.org/project/imaginarium_life

The realization of this project will take place in collaboration with the Inkub8 Residency Program 2012 and produced by Miami Theater Center as part of the SandBox Series 2012-2013. 

Dates: Open Rehearsal and Feedback Forum at Inkub8 (November 10, 2012). Premiere at Miami Theater Center MTC San Box Series 2012-2013 (December 6, 2012).


Bistoury Physical Theatre at LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA 2012

Assassins for One Night, Bistoury Physical Theatre performance during LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA 2012 Marathon of the Unexpected, June 24th, 2012 at the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, 8. International Festival of Contemporary Dance - Awakenings.


URBAN STORIES at Miami Beach Cinematheque. Miami Theatrical Premiere!

JUNE 15 and 16 - 9pm


at Historic City Hall
1130 Washington Avenue, South Side, Ground Floor
Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 67-FILMS (673-4567) 

HISTORIAS DE LA URBE/ URBAN STORIES Directed by Carla and Vicente Forte at Miami Beach Cinematheque.
Miami Beach Cinematheque, presents: URBAN STORIES, the film directed by CARLA and VICENTE FORTE /2011/80mins.

With Eliana López, Miguel Sahid, Pablo Diaz, Luke Grande, among  others. 

With music by Omar Roque, Yadam and Beatriz Luengo, Mestizaje, Daniel Molino, Venuezuela Subterranea, Vagos y Maleantes, Andres Levell, El Sagrado Famillion, Frank Wow, Achuira.

A city beyond the beauty. URBAN STORIES is a contemporary dramatic feature film that follows several Immigrants of different nationalities as they adapt to life in Miami.


"ASSASSINS FOR ONE NIGHT" selected to participate in "La Biennale di Venezia Marathon of the Unexpected"

ASSASSINS FOR ONE NIGHT a Bistoury Physical Theatre Production, selected to participate in "La Biennale di Venezia Marathon of the Unexpected".

24 June from 3:00 p.m. > 8:00 p.m.
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale


“Assassins for one Night” is a multimedia dance-performance piece combined with video installation. Throughout its 15 minutes of duration, with two dancers and a musician live on stage, the piece will incarnate and recreate the life of three siblings obsessed with the task of making order out of chaos.
“Assassins for one Night” bases its inspiration on the play “Night of the Assassins” by Cuban playwright José Triana. It narrates a struggle against the constant restrictions imposed upon us by a system without any real power, a rebellion against repression, including that which we bring upon ourselves. At times, this struggle walks the path of reality, while other times it delves into rite and fantasy.
Through dance, theatre, music and projections, three characters deconstruct the obstacles that limit their individuality through the use of imagination and fantasy.  Alexey Taran (Director of ERE. Bistoury Physical Theater) and Carla Forte (Screenwriter and Filmmaker) are the intellectual authors of this night, during which the act of becoming an assassin will become a liberating escapade for both the participants on stage and for the audience.
It is a cyclical play where the characters will indefinitely repeat the act of symbolically murdering their parents in order to attain individual liberty. The piece will return us to the place where we began; they are empty rites based on words rather than actions, where the characters do not have possibilities nor alternatives. The game does not allow any solution, and for them the only exit is the absence of an exit. One of the siblings says: “oh, my sisters, if love could...only love...because in spite of it all, I love you.” “Assassins for One Night” is a continuous and interminable game that serves as a ritual to exorcize the demons of the crime.


Entrevista por ELI BRAVO a CARLA FORTE

Entrevista por ELI BRAVO a CARLA FORTE para http://www.inspirulina.com/, Directora y Escritora del cortometraje "RESET" seleccionado a participar en Cannes Court Metrage - Short Film Corner, FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2012, protagonizado por LUKE GRANDE, y producido por BISTOURYfilms.




A Meet the Composer Commission

(Inspired on the play "La noche de los Asesinos" by the Cuban playwright Jose Triana.)

Directed by: ALEXEY TARAN
Composer: JURAJ KOJS
Lighting Designer: A. PUIG