S.A.V.E. Silent Animal Voices Euthanized

S.A.V.E.  Silent Animal Voices Euthanized is a documentary that will investigate how different societies face and deal with the issue of homeless dogs and cats around the world according to their cultures and political views. Everyday millions of dogs and cats face the obstacle of being able to survive another day and have another chance at life. Neglect, abuse, the fur trade industry and euthanasia are just some of the factors affecting animals in different societies throughout the world today.


“Miami Fall” workshop series at Inkub8

1:00 PM
Saturday Oct 29th 1- 4 pm
with Neil de la Flor & special guest.

This multi-dimensional, multi-genre creative writing workshop will build your confidence as a creative writer by encouraging you to tap...

6:00 PM
Friday Nov 11th 6-9 pm
Saturday Nov 12th 1-4 pm

Contact Improvisation - Dance Workshop
CATCHING WAVES ::: Dancing the body migrations (all levels)
We will learn to fall and rise...

1:00 PM
Saturday December 12th 1-4 pm 
with Bistoury Physical Theatre  ALEXEY TARAN & CARLA FORTE

A workshop designed to focus our study of Improvisation through the Underscore, a...
1:00 PM
December 17th 1-4 pm
with Heather Maloney

This workshop explores the physicality of falling with gravity through the frame of a contemporary dance technique class, and then continues into an...