In 2005, in Caracas, Venezuela, choreographer Alexey Taran and filmmaker and performer Carla Forte – along with several other artists – created the company ERE. Bistoury, a project based on a philosophy of respect, admiration, and curiosity for the extraordinary creative and productive movement of Latin American megalopolises, as well as for the ethno-cultural ambiguity and diversity of the continent. In that sense, the focus is on Latin America seen as an aesthetic, intellectual and cultural melting pot; as avant-garde creative platform.

In 2007, ERE. Bistoury is re-established and relocated to the city of Miami, Florida. Until then, the company had been supported by the Ministry of Culture of Venezuela, and enjoyed a noticeable presence within and outside of Venezuela. Its works were presented in various venues such as theaters across the Venezuelan capital as well as the country's heartland; at national and international festivals such as the International Festival of Young Choreographers of Venezuela (2005), at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (2006), the World Festival of Solos and Duets in Caracas (2006), the Venezuelan National Art Gallery (GAN) in Caracas (2006), Jacobo Borges Museum (2007), “A Desert for Dance” Festival in the city of hermosillo, Mexico (2007), the “Loft Into Theater (LITup)” festival in New York City (2007).

From 2007 to 2011, ERE. Bistoury did not only produce physical theatre plays or dance-theatre, but also, driven by the interest to research and include new creative and communicational media in its work, Bistoury began producing feature films, short films, and documentaries.

In 2007, the play BOLO – directed by choreographer and company director Alexey Taran – was developed and presented thanks to the support provided by a Guggenheim Fellowship. This play marked the beginning of an ongoing history of community performances and events done by ERE.Bistoury in South Florida.

With BOLO, ERE. Bistoury offered their first free performance in 2007 in the parking lot of the gallery/performance space “801 Projects,” located at the Jose Marti building in Little Havana, Miami. BOLO is a choreographic work that delves into the dark world of dreams and disorder. For this project, various artists of different nationalities collaborated with the company; the music was composed by renowned Venezuelan composer Frank Wow; the stage design was developed by Venezuelan visual artist Lino Rojas; the video-art was produced in the city of Caracas by the company Cinemacaracas, and directed by Carla Forte (Co-Director of ERE.Bistoury) along with Venezuelan video artist Eduardo Garcia. For its participation at the 10th Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival in the Croatian city of San Vicenti (2009), the production included a collaboration by Nicaraguan artist and singer/songwriter Omar Roque (who resides in Florida). Likewise, for its presentation at the LIT07 festival in New York City, thanks to its open theatrical structure and its optimal format as a laboratory for itinerant improvisation, the play incorporated the collaboration of two dancers from the company of Bill Young/Colleen Thomas and Co.

Playing a prominent role in the national performing arts scene, ERE. Bistoury showcases its work at different festivals, galleries, theaters, and auditoriums, like the Miami Science Museum (2007) or the “Fall Season” Movement Research at the Judson Church in New York (2009). In 2009, at the “Here and Now” Festival, the physical theatre and multi-media play SYMBOL was presented as the result of a collaboration between ERE.Bistoury and local artists Carlota Pradera and Glexis Novoa. This play was commissioned by the Miami Light Project and the Adrienne Arsht Center, and also presented at the Carnival Studio Theater in Miami, as well as in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, during the expo event “Art of Uncertainty.” Furthermore, the video-art installation Schizo Bolo was presented at the Edge Zones Gallery in Miami (2009) and at the “Loft Into Theater Performance Festival” in New York City (2009).

More recently, ERE. Bistoury produced the physical theater and multimedia play “Assassins for One Night,” inspired by and based on the play “Night of the Assassins” by Cuban playwright Jose Triana. The production was commissioned by FUNDarte, Meet the Composer's Commissioning Music/USA Program, and the Miami Choreographers Fellowship Program. The performance narrates a struggle against the constant restrictions imposed upon us by a system without any real power, a rebellion against repression, including that which we bring upon ourselves. At times, this struggle walks the path of reality, while other times it delves into rite and fantasy. “Assassins for one night” was been presented in Venice, Italy, as part of the “Marathon of the Unexpected” corner at the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale for the prestigious Art Festival “La Biennale di Venezia” (2012). It was also performed at the Black-Box Theatre of the Miami-Dade Auditorium, as part of the “Miami On Stage” Festival, in Miami, Florida (2011).

In 2011, ERE. Bistoury was a finalist competitor for the Knight Arts Challenge.

Again, it should be noted that ERE. Bistoury has not limited itself to the production of dance-theatre plays and video installations. Rather, its research seeks to transcend onto other techniques of projection of moving images, which is why the company has gone into the production of cinematographic works, keeping a sharp emphasis on the creation of a laboratory approach that enables free and open independent film and author's cinema (auteur or art-house cinema). One outstanding example of such endeavors is the feature film “Urban Stories,” produced by ERE.Bistoury and directed by Carla Forte and Vicente Forte. The movie was awarded for Best Movie, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography at the Bootleg International Film Festival of Toronto, Canada (2012). It has also received awards for Best Movie and Best Actress at the Miami Life Awards (2012), an Award of Merit at the Lucerne International Film Festival (LiFF 2012) in Switzerland, and an Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Movie Awards (2011). Additionally, the film has been screened at the Miami Beach Cinematheque (2012), the Venezuelan Film Festival in Merida, venezuela (2012) and the Marbella International Film Festival in Marbella, Spain (2011).

In 2012, ERE. Bistoury changes its organizational structure and its company name to Bistoury, Inc., which was the result of a process of free evolution into art work that is more deeply committed to the daily reality of human beings. Without abandoning the artistic projects that were in the works, the company created the following: the Department of Author's Cinema, which is now directed by Venezuelan writer and director Carla Forte; the Department for Artistic Training and Creation “ERE” (Espacio de Revoltillo Escénico, or Space for Scenic Jumble), directed by Cuban choreographer Alexey Taran, and which will be in charge of organizing the First International Festival of Improvisation (for 2013), which will take place at the Miami theater Center (MTC) in Miami Shores; and finally the Literary Department, directed by Venezuelan writer Vicente Forte, which is in charge of publishing and supporting up-and-coming writers of the city of Miami.

Such an integration of art forms and disciplines has given way to the multidisciplinary project “Imaginarium Art + Fabrik,” which is currently in development and involves four phases of creation: among them, the first phase is production of the short film “Reset,” which was completed in early 2012, co-produced by Bistoury and Cieneola Films from Venezuela. This short was selected for participation at the “Cannes Court Métrage” (Short Film Corner) of the pretigious Cannes Film Festival in France (2012). It was also presented at the Miami Beach Cinematheque in July of 2012 in Miami. The remaining phases include a physical theater performance, a feature film production, and the publication of a collection of anti-poems, as part of the exploration and research that Bistoury is currently immersed in.

Bistoury has received support from different organizations and institutions such as the Cultural Affairs Council of Miami-Dade County, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the New York State Council of the Arts, the Ford Foundation, Miami Light Project, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, FUNDarte, Miami Beach Cinematheque, Inkub8, Miami Theater Center MTC, Edge Zone Arte Space, the Instituto Sonorense de Cultura in Mexico, and the Ministry of Culture of Venezuela.