“BOLO is an open process of investigation where the main idea is to raise the integration of a new planet, a new language, a new system of life”. Based on fragments, lines, and words from several authors with different ideologies and nationalities, starting from the play VACA SAGRADA (SACRED COW) written by the Chilean author Diamela Eltit; taking a pleasant ride through the words of the Cuban author, Reinaldo Arenas, going deep into his novel “Antes que anochezca”, changing the conventional meaning of words to confront them with the Latin American emotional universe, where distress, violence and disorder confuse with erotism, dreams and mysticism, to take us to a type of Imaginary Fourth World in which we live submerged; it also inevitably journeys through the Latin American political and social situation, with special attention into the Venezuelan situation. Caracas being the co creator’s obsession.”

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