DANCE AND NON-VERBAL THEATRE FESTIVAL in SVETVINCENATa small renaissance town in central Istria (a peninsula in the westernmost part of Croatia), was initiated in 2000 by Snjezna Abramovic - dancer, choreographer and artistic leader of the Zagreb Dance Company. The choice of this tiny town in Istria has proven successful, since during the summer Istria is a destination for many who are looking for culture as well as holidays. The programme of the festival takes place in non-theatrical open spaces, such as the city square, streets and in the „kaπtela“ [castle]. Open-air events enhance the charm and unique atmosphere of this event.

The Festival gathers together the Croatian dance community as well as foreign dancers, choreographers, festival programmers, dance teachers in a relaxed, almost informal atmosphere. The selection for the Festival consists of the dance productions of European choreographers, productions of Croatian choreographers as well as street theatre production, mime theatre works and circus events. The off-programme includes various dance and theatre workshops with a final presentation, visual art interventions and visual artists’ performances.

The final goal of the Festival is to make a Mediterranean Dance Centre a place of contacts that will establish links between the Croatian dance scene and international net of festivals. The Festival has been very prominently reported in the media and also extremely well accepted by its audience.

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