Commissioning Music/USA 2010

Composer: Juraj Kojs
Collaborator: Alexey Taran
Lead Commissioner: Harold Golen Gallery

August 18, 2010—Meet The Composer announces the collaborations awarded for the 2010 Commissioning Music/USA program. They are a diverse group of 19 composers and 45 choreographers, theater artists, filmmakers, and visual artists. This year, MTC awards $245,000 to 32 organizations to commission 19 new works. Composers at the leading edge of contemporary classical, jazz, and theater music will join with a wide variety of artists to combine music with dance, theater, film, and puppetry.
Meet The Composer president Ed Harsh says of this year’s selections, "We are thrilled by the creative energy that MTC is able to unleash from this excitingly varied group of artistic collaborations. Audiences across the country are going to find these new works fresh and engaging."

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