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A Dance Theater performance piece combined with video installation based on the play by Cuban playwright José Triana, “Assassins for One Night” narrates the struggle against the constant restrictions imposed upon us by a system without any real power.  Through dance, theatre, music and projections, three characters deconstruct the obstacles that limit their individuality through the use of imagination and fantasy.  Alexey Taran (Director of Teatro Físico) and Carla Forte (Screenwriter and Filmmaker) are the intellectual authors of this night, during which the act of becoming an assassin will become a liberating escapade for both the onstage participants and the audience.

Directed by: ALEXEY TARAN 
Based on the play: "La noche de los asesinos" by José Triana and Texts by Carla Forte 
Performers: Carla Forte, Carlos Ortiz, Alexey Taran & Juraj Kojs 
Original music: JURAJ KOJS 
Direction: Carla Forte 
Director of photography: Randy Valdes 
Editor: Alexey Taran 
Photo by: Hernán Gimenez  

"With the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs , the Cultural Affairs Council, the Mayor, and the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners." 

"Assassins for one Night was commissioned through Meet The Composer's Commissioning Music/USA program which is made possible by generous support from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, the Ford Foundation, the Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trusts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council on the Arts, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Helen F. Whitaker Fund."

“Dance Miami Choreographers Fellowship Program 2010-2011”

Meet The Composer 2010 Commissioning Music/USA program

Additional support by:

GlassWorks Multimedia


Trimedia Film

 Alexey Taran  was born in Cuba and a long-time resident of Venezuela, choreographer Alexey Puig Taran began his career as a dancer, graduating from the National School of Ballet in Havana in 1988 and joining the Cuban National Ballet company two years later. During his eight years with that company, he also was an instructor and dancer with the Abierta Dance Company (1990-92) and an instructor in Classical Dance Technique (1991-98).  In Venezuela, he was a choreographer (1992-2000) and vice president (1992-98) for the New Dance Company, and the codirector of and instructor in the Experimental Workshop for the Performing Arts (1992-2000); he also held an appointment as Professor of Classical Dance Technique and Staging from 2001-2005 at Venezuela's University Institute of Dance.  Mr. Taran has been a Guest Choreographer at both the Zagreb Dance Company in Croatia and the Company Rajatabla in Venezuela, and an artist-in-residence at the International Summer Theater Festival in Hamburg, Germany, in 1996.

He is the co-founder of the six-member ensemble ERE Bistoury  ❘ Physical Theatre and he is the the Art Director / Editor of the Trimedia Films company. His choreography includes18 Minutos por 2½ Tiempó Bolo (1996), which was performed at "Movement 96" in Hamburg and the International Contemporary Dance Festival in Volgogrado, Russia, and won the Consul General's Prize at the Fifth International Choreography Convention of Seine-Saint-Denis in 1996. Carne en Doce Escenábolos (1998) also won the Consul General's Prize, in 1998; its performances include the Sixth annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival in Crakow, Poland, and the Performing Arts Center at the University of Texas. Proyecto ERE.Bistoury, begun in 1995, is a multipart, multidisciplinary work-in-progress, consisting of Bolo: Boceto (2005), which was performed at the Second Worldwide Festival of Dance Solos and Duets in Caracas as well as at the 13th Maracaibo International Dance Festival; the second part, OBBÉ (2005), was performed at the 21st Festival of Young Venezuelan Choreographers in Caracas, among other venues; the third part, entitled Bolo, was completed during Mr. Taran's Guggenheim Fellowship term, and was performed at gorillaFEST07 and the Soho Festival in New York City. He is the editor of the feature film BloodBath Test winner of the PLOMO New York Film Festival 2009 and the Producer, Art Director and Editor of the feature film Urban Stories directed by the Forte siblings, 2010.

 Carla Forte  was born in Caracas- Venezuela. Dancer, Writer and Director Carla Forte began his career as a dancer, graduating from the National Experimental University of Arts in Caracas- Venezuela in 2004. Founder, Performer and Assistant Director of the company Ere.Bistoury (Physical Theater) one year latter directed by Alexey Taran. Carla was a performer and co- director of video arts like: Obbe, Symbol, Schizobolo and Five Movements presented in important Theater and Festivals like: Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vicente, Croatia (2009). Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami- Florida (2009). Movement Research at the Judson Church NY, US (2008). Gorilla FEST07, Soho Festival, NY (2007). Armando Reverón National Institute of Higher Learning of Plastic Arts. Caracas – Venezuela (2007). A Desert for Dancing. Hermosillo, México (2007).

Carla is the co-founder of the Trimedia Film and ScriptWriter, Director and Producer of the company. Her Films work includes Bloodbath Test (Best Script. New York 2009) and Urban Stories (Miami, Florida 2010).

 Carlos Ortiz  was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1984, into a family with a strong artistic vein and heritage. During the summer of 2010, Carlos participated in the independent film Urban Stories, directed by the Venezuelan Forte Siblings, which was shot in Miami, FL. He played one of the many characters in the series of short stories that intertwine in this interesting socially-themed picture. He was also involved in the production process, performing different PA and other tasks for the directors.

Currently, Carlos is coursing studies for a dual major in Psychology/Political Science at Florida International University. However, always inclined to follow his natural drive for the arts, and anxious to return to the path he could not follow several years ago, he is seeking to be more involved in different movie and theatre projects in South Florida, and will be transferring to Columbia University in New York City in 2012, in order to immerse himself in the dynamic artistic New York scene and follow his dream onto the stage.

 Juraj Kojs  is a Slovakian composer, performer, multimedia artist, producer, and educator residing in the US. He is the director of Foundation for Music Technologies (FETA) in Miami, FL where he manages the monthly 12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art concert series. Kojs holds a PhD. in Composition and Computer Technologies from University of Virginia. Between September 2008 and May 2010, Kojs was a Postdoctoral Associate in Music Technology and Multimedia Art at Yale’s Department of Music. In the fall 2010, Juraj Kojs was a visiting lecturer at University of Virginia, teaching an undergraduate class in songwriting and graduate courses in enaction and composition.

Kojs' compositions were recently featured at festivals and conferences in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Players who performed Kojs’ music include Tomoko Mukaiyama, Blair McMillen, Margaret Lancaster, Madeleine Shapiro, Laura Wilcox, Michael Straus, Susan Fancher, Eugen Prochac, Canticum Ostrava, Atticus Brass Quintet, IKTUS Percussion Quartet, The Quiet Music Ensemble, Ensemble s21, Cassatt String Quartet, The Now Ensemble and Yale Gamelan Suprabanggo. His compositions received awards at Eastman Electroacoustic Composition and Performance Competition and the Digital Art Award. Kojs’ muscle-powered multimedia Neraissance—described as “striking and unforgettable,” received the Best Art Performance 2010 Award from Miami New Times. Kojs has received commissions from The Quiet Music Ensemble, Miami Light Project and Meet the Composer. His research articles appeared in journals such as Organized Sound, Digital Creativity, Leonardo Music Journal, and Journal of New Music Research. www.kojs.net

 Randy Valdes  was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, FL. He attended the Film Program at Full Sail Real World Education, where it became clear to him that he had a strong love for film lighting and cinematography. Upon graduation, he immediately began freelancing on feature films as an electric, acquiring credits as Best Boy Electric, Second Electric and eventually Gaffer in various feature films in Orlando, FL and Los Angeles, California.

As his experience grew so did his diverse list of credits which now include Camera Operator, Director of Photography and Gaffer for various films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and television programs with ESPN, CBS4, Magnolia Pictures, and many more.  He prides himself in having an ability to make the most out of modern
technology and being resourceful with limited budgets to make every project look as good as it should.  www.glassworksmultimedia.com

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